“More yoga, more love.”

Saybrook Soul Sweat is the manifestation of the lifelong dream of yoga teacher and practitioner, Courtney Brooks.  Family owned and operated, this hot yoga studio and organic juice bar goes beyond offering just a yoga class; it offers a yoga experience.  Saybrook Soul Sweat provides a variety of experiences, including heated and unheated yoga and HIIT fitness classes.  The classes are designed to work your body OUT, so you can work your mind IN! Using a combination of physical poses, heat, music, the flow will encourage students to explore your body and get in touch with your soul.  Whether you seek an athletic, intense practice or you crave a gentle, restorative meditation, Saybrook Soul Sweat has something for everybody and every BODY.  

Come for the yoga, stay for the juice! Saybrook Soul Sweat is home to one of Old Saybrook’s only fresh pressed juice bars! The juice bar now offers five different juices made with only all natural ingredients.  If you order your juice before class, it is waiting for you after class (so there is never any lines!) OR feel free to just walk in for one during the day and enjoy our lounge which offers free WIFI.

More yoga, more love has become our motto.  We say it because we mean it, we mean it because it’s true! We believe that no matter who you are, how you practice, where you practice, or why you practice, adding more yoga to your life will essentially bring you more love as well.  More love for yourself, your body, your life, and everyone who you cross paths with. The Saybrook Soul Sweat community is flourishing; after a short but amazing two months we are so proud that over 600 students choose to practice with us. The people who have wandered into the studio are nothing short of kind, loving, and open minded individuals who bring us so much joy and happiness: we are so lucky to get to know you all! The door is always open, we are waiting for you!

Courtney’s vision for Saybrook Soul Sweat is one that was formed over many years as a yogi; her practice began when she was just sixteen.  After graduating from University of New Haven with a degree in Communications, and from a 200 RYT training program at The Yoga Shop simultaneously in June of 2016, Courtney found her home on the CT Shoreline and journeyed down her path into the yoga world. And so, Saybrook Soul Sweat was born.  As a member of the local community, Courtney Brooks wanted to bring something new to the town she knows and loves, Old Saybrook.  Saybrook Soul Sweat is a studio built around community, love, and trust.  Courtney wanted to create a studio where yoga always comes first, so she established this space as a safe haven and a healing sanctuary for mind, body, and spirit.  Through an extensive yoga practice and experience as a teacher, Courtney has learned that peace comes when the mind, body, and spirit are harmonious and synchronized; each one co-existing with the other. At Saybrook Soul Sweat you will be challenged on all three levels, but you will always be loved and supported every time you walk in the door. Saybrook Soul Sweat will be your home away from home, where you are the only priority.

Saybrook Soul Sweat’s style of yoga is Vinyasa, our prerogative is love, and our tribe is you


Much Love & Namaste