April 2021 30 Day Immersion

I feel like I need this, so maybe you do too.

A 30 Day commitment to yoga, meditation, and journaling. Unlike previous immersions, we won’t be reading a book this time. Instead our meetings will focus on mental health – we will discuss journaling prompts, learn meditation and breathing techniques to deal with anxiety & stress, and just have a safe space to talk about LIFE – what it looks like today and how we’ve been affected by the past year.

We don’t talk enough, we say we’re doing fine, everything’s good, the light is at the end of the tunnel. But imagine if we were all honest about how we feel and how much we could learn from one another in doing so?

$165 to sign up – includes your month of unlimited yoga and 4 Monday night discussions. Must pre – register by 3/26. All classes and meetings will be available in person and over zoom.

Email us to sign up – we currently have 5 spots open.


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