Class Descriptions

Soul Surrender

Surrender into your body and breath in this gentle, restorative flow.  This is perfect for yogi’s looking to unwind and relax.  With soothing music, lighting, and a warm room heated to 75 degrees, you will be guided through a meditative practice of therapeutic poses linked with creative breathing work.  Use this class to take a time out from life and to fully surrender and get in touch with your soul.

Kripalu Style Gentle Yoga

One of our few unheated classes, but focusing on cues, breath, and movement. The focus will be upon centering, warming up the body, stretching, and holding foundational poses to build strength and mind body connection. The class will end with a sound bowl Shavasana meditation.  A more gentle option for beginners or those looking for an instructional, relaxing flow.

Soul Sweat 

The perfect heated option for any and every yogi who walks through Saybrook Soul Sweat doors! The temperature is set to 90 degrees with 70% humidity and uses breath and beats to motivate you through a practice that is suited for everybody and every body.  Each class will offer amplifications of poses for those who are advanced, and modifications for those we are still starting out.  It’s your body, it’s your practice – we are here to guide you but you can adjust the difficulty of each class to meet you exactly where you are at in your practice.  Be prepared to sweat, breath, strengthen, stretch, meditate, and relax with our community! We encourage you to try out every teacher on our schedule, as each teacher has their own adaptation and teaching style – there is something for every student!

Soul Sweat Private classes available upon request

Private classes are designed to give you exactly what you’re looking for.  The instructor can lead you through a practice that is tailored to your own body.  You can leave it up to the instructor or you can customize this class, choosing the level, temperature, music, whatever you want!

Private Yoga Parties/ Team Yoga!

Due to popular demand, we are now offering yoga parties in the studio on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  Birthdays, girls weekends, pre – wedding festivities… no matter the celebration, we’ve got something for you and your tribe! Included in a yoga party is a private yoga class, a party playlist made just for you, and a signature juice for everyone who attends! We have such a special place here and we want to share it with you on your special day!

Contact us for more information!